Translation of the original by Robert Lloyd Kenyon 1891 Shropshire Archaeological Transactions

Translation of the CHARTER granted to
Ruyton by Edmund Earl of Arundel in 1308

To all men to whom this present writing may be seen or heard Edmund Earl of Arundel sendeth greeting in the Lord everlasting. Know ye that we have granted and by this our present Charter confirmed to our beloved and faithful Burgesses of Ruyton and to their heirs and successors that they may have a free Borough in the Town of Ruyton and we have given and granted to every one that hath taken or henceforth may be willing to take one Burgage Place and Three Acres of Field Land to have and to hold from us and our Heirs to themselves and to their Heirs and successors freely for ever, rendering therefore yearly to us and our Heirs for each Burgage twelve pence and for each Acre of Land four pence at two terms of the year, to wit the one-half at the Feast of St. Michael and the other half at the Feast of the Annunciation of the Blessed Virgin Mary for all things and demands. We have also granted for us and our Heirs that the aforesaid Burgesses and their successors be free of Toll, Passage and Pontage through all our Lands and also of Heriots, reliefs, Tallages and of all other customs belonging to us and our Heirs for ever and that the aforesaid Burgesses may have the laws and customs of Bristol whole and inviolable for ever, so that no Bailiff of ours do in anywise set his hand against the Laws and Customs aforesaid to the loss of the said Burgesses nor enter there to the prejudice of the same and that they may have the laws and customs aforesaid as wholly and freely as the citizens of Hereford or the Burgesses of Shrewsbury hold them in all things to the same laws and customs belonging for ever, and that from henceforth no one may transact any merchandize in the Borough aforesaid unless it be according to the said law or by the consent of the said Burgesses and that the Burgesses aforesaid may have a Guild Mercatory with Assize of Bread and Ale and with all things to the same Guild belonging so that if any stranger shall come into the said Borough and hold Land and be in scot and lot with the Burgesses aforesaid for one year and one day he may remain there free and never be hindered by his Lord. We have also granted to the same Burgesses that they may be able to attach, imprison and of themselves to judge all thieves, homicides, and evil-doers that may come into the said Borough and if it shall happen that we or our heirs take any victuals of the Burgesses aforesaid we will satisfy them for the same within forty days then next following, but if we do not, we may take nothing from them until we have made satisfaction for the debt aforesaid, excepting always, that for each Brewing that they have brewed in the said Borough they shall give to us and our Heirs three gallons of ale. We also will and have granted for us and our heirs that no one do presume to brew, sell or buy in our Lordship of Ruyton with its members whether our power is, unless by the consent of the Burgesses aforesaid and by leave of the same, and that all and singular, the Burgesses aforesaid and their heirs and successors have free common of pasture for all their cattle everywhere within the whole manor of Ruyton with its members where our tenants as well as others do common and that a free Court be established and held from three weeks to three weeks if it be necessary, and that no one of them be impeded nor judged unies,, in the said court, and that by their equals. And we the said Earl Edmund and our heirs, all the Burgesses aforesaid their lands and tenements aforesaid, with all and singular the Liberties, Laws, free Customs and easements and all other their appurtanances aforesaid, to all and singular the Burgesses and their Heirs and successors as well present as to come against all men will warrant, acquit and for ever defend. In witness whereof to this present Writing we have put our Seal. Dated at Ruyton on Sunday next before the Nativity of Saint John the Baptist in the second year of the reign of the Lord King Edward, (II) son of King Edward (I)




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