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This interesting story appeared in the Shropshire Star in January 2002, 100 years after the event.  It was originally appeared in the  Wellington  Journal and Shrewsbury News,  on  January 4th, 1902.

A singular story comes from Ruyton-xi-Towns concerning a burial under difficulties, which happily seldom present themselves.

A man named Jones of Leebotwood, had expressed a wish, before he died, to be buried at Ruyton and it was the intention of the relatives to take the remains there by road.

Arrangements with that object were made, but on the day fixed for the funeral the deep snow made it impossible for any conveyance to get near the house.  The arrangements were thereupon altered, and it was decided to take the body by train from Leebotwood to Baschurch.

The journey from the house to the station was made under great difficulties for the greater part of the way the snow was too deep to permit the coffin being carried; the lanes were filled up level with the hedges, and the men in attempting to carry the coffin, sunk up to their middle at every step.

Nothing remained but to secure ropes to the coffin and drag it, and in this fashion for the greater part of the four miles the body was got to the railway station, and thence taken to Baschurch, being laid to rest at Ruyton churchyard.



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