Anon & Irena White


This poem, written about 1840 for a local gathering, mentions many of the then inhabitants of Ruyton and their good qualities.

Irena White has checked the 1840 census and has found out more about the names mentioned.  See the end of the poem.

To a village called Ruyton one day in fine weather

The Alphabet sent deputations together,

To feast where the cup of enjoyment might flow,

And in friendship extinguish the smould`rings of woe.

A was absent however, though first on the list,

And all felt how much Alexander was missed.

For B were the Bickertons, Basnet, and others,

All men of good metal, and two of them brothers;

Brown, and Broughton the Doctor,whose skill does so frighten

Old death that he cries “What`s the matter with Ruyton?”

C was old Comberbatch, lets give him a shout,

For he`s one of the very best neighbours about;

And Corden include, with his Reverence of Ness,

So known for relieving the poor in distress.

D gave not one Davies, but doubled it o`er,

Each a team in himself, aye and half a horse more.

E cannot so easily one rhyme be clapt in,

For first there`s our loyal magnanimous Captain,

And then there`s our Vicar, who true doctrine teaches,

I wish we could practise as well as he preaches.

F seemed to forget us, and so stopt away,

Never mind he may furnish his quota some day.

G gave us a gentleman Glover, and know, Sirs,

In his next neighbour Griffiths a whole gross of Grocers.

H was honoured in Humphreys, and that very rare man

The prince of good company Samuel Harman.

I was idle;  but J gave us Jebb, and that`s plenty,

For at home or abroad he is equal to twenty.

Now the next you`re expecting, but what shall I say,

Or how shall I compass the merits of K?

As landlord or magistrate? Let`s fill a bumper,

And I need name no name, for you know who`s the plumper.

L contributed Large-ly and M made us merry,

Morris, Mansell, and Minton were grand ones, aye very;

Nor omit we Tom Maddocks, our sensible farrier,

Who has got a good wife and done nothing but marry her.

N has sent us in nothing;  We had Oswells for O,

And who are better than they I should like to know?

For P Q R S there at present is room,

But unless they`re tip top let `em still stay at home.

T stood for Timmis who furnished the board

With all that earth, water, or air could afford.

U was utterly blank when his ticket was drawn;

V sent us a volume of virtues in Vaughan.

With the next and last letter I shall but briefly trouble you,

All were warranted trumps who were turned up by W;

There was he whom Miss Slaney the peerless in worth

Hoped to find, and has found, the best husband on earth;

And he, don`t you see, when I mention him, Wood,

How merry Grig Hill shakes its forested hood?

And to end with the other, lets charge great guns and small,

With a cheer of his own to jolly Bob Wall.



Charles ALEXANDER – Sawyer    

Charles ALEXANDER – Farmer

BASNET, of Wykey

Samuel BICKERTON – Farmer Ruyton Park. 

Robert BROUGHTON – Surgeon of Clyffe House.  He is related to Rev.

Richard BROWN – Farmer who was renting Ruyton Hall and farming from Hall Farm

Robert Suker COMBERBACH – Grocer of independent means also Victualler and owner of the Powis Arms now Powis House. 

Charles, son of Robert

Thomas, son of Robert.  1851 grocer & draper

John, COMBERBACH – Miller at New Mills, Mill Lane. 

Richard CORDEN – Farmer at Lawn Farm

George DAVIES – Shoemaker at Quarry Bank Buildings – do not know where this was. 

Robert DAVIES – Shoemaker

Captain G.R. EDWARDS

Rev George EVANS – Vicar 1823-1859 related to Robert Broughton, Surgeon by marriage.

John GLOVER – Farmer

Charles GLOVER – Farmer

Richard GRIFFITHS – Grocer.  1851 freeholder, Maltster & shopkeeper.

John HUMPHREYS – Farmer, Hanley Hall – just past Shotatton X roads on the right


Samuel HARMAN Esq. – Independent means

JEBB – Tennant of Park House.  The Jebb family were from Ellesmere, Eglantine Jebb started Save the Children charity in 1919

K – Thomas KENYON – Farmer at Pradoe. 


John     MORRIS – Shoemaker

Edward MORRIS – Shoemaker

Thomas MORRIS – Eardiston

Alfred MANSELL –

Thomas Rowland MINTON – Clifton House. 

William Rowland MINTON

Thomas MADDOCKS – Farmer & Farrier, The Grove, Church Street

William OSWELL – Eardiston House.  

Lydia TIMMIS – Inn Keeper, Powis Arms, Commercial Inn, Owner Robert Suker Comberbach.

Thomas, TIMMIS – Inn Keeper

Thomas jn. TIMMIS – Inn Keeper

Miss Mary SLANEY – married W.R.M. Wynne, rented Ruyton Hall during 1841. Magistrate of the county of Salop and Merioneth

William VAUGHAN – Farmer, The Lodge

William WOOD – Farmer, Grig Hill

Bob/Robert WALL – Farmer, Shotatton


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